The Role of the Commercial Insurance Broker

Business come in all sizes, and the role of the Commercial Insurance Broker will vary in some respects with the size of the client company and the amount of insurance expertise it has available among its own staff.The approach to commercial insurance of a small engineering workshop in a side-street will not be the same as that of a huge multi-national corporation which may number an insurance company among its subsidiaries. The essentials of the broker’s task will be the same, however, for the largest company as it is for the individual: to use his knowledge of insurance and of the insurance market to help his client to arrange a sound insurance programme which, to the maximum extent possible, meets the client’s particular needs.The Business Insurance Broker will handle the insurances of a small company in a manner very similar to those of an individual. The relationship is likely to be a personal one wit the directors of the business, and they can be considered, in a way, as individuals who have a different, and more extended, set of insurance needs because of their involvement with the company.The first essential will be for the insurance broker to ensure that his clients have the compulsory commercial insurances which they need for their business to be carried on legally.Employer’s liability cover to protect the workforce must be arranged, and motor insurance is also likely to be a necessity. If the business has plant or machinery which must have a periodical statutory inspection, it will be usual to arrange for this to be done by a specialist engineering insurer under the terms of an engineering inspection contract, with or without insurance.Fire insurance will be very important, as will consequential loss insurance to protect the firm against loss of earnings during the period following a fire until it is fully back in business. Then there will be all the other insurances which a business needs – public and products liability, theft and money insurance, goods in transit and perhaps marine insurance, all-risks covers, fidelity guarantee and possibly others. The broker may also be asked to provide insurance covers for staff, a group life and pensions scheme, or personal accident or permanent health insurance for example.The range of insurance which may be needed, and the variety of problems which may be associated with them, place great demands on the broker with an industrial firm as his client, and make it much less possible for him to be a specialist in one or two types of insurance only. The individual may be happy to consult a broker for life or motor insurance only, but the industrial company is likely to want a single source of advice for all its insurance problems.The larger the client company is, the less it will be interested in buying standardised commercial insurance covers or packages designed for small business insurance, and the more it will want policies which match its own specific needs. This calls for a very deep understanding of the client’s business on the part of the broker, matched by creativity in designing insurance solutions to the problems posed. The Commercial Insurance Broker’s negotiating skills may also be called upon to persuade an insurer to accept what may be an entirely new approach to a particular insurance need.The problems of a small spread of risk may be overcome because the company is large enough to be rated on its own past record rather than as a member of a trade which is rated as a class in an SME business insurance package. When it reaches this size, a company may be interested in extensive self-insurance, and these days it is part of the broker’s role to help such clients develop appropriate self-insurance plans and to advise on risk management measures to ensure that the risk that is being retained is reduced as far as is economically possible.

Back to the Future Part II Film Review

The 1989 scifi comedy Back to the Future Part II stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Thomas F. Wilson. It is produced by Bob Gale and Neil Canton. The director is Robert Zemeckis.The story begins right where its predecessor left off. It is October 26, 1985 when Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer are about to take a ride in his new truck. But Dr. Emmett L. Brown, or “Doc”, abruptly appears in his time-travelling DeLorean and urges the two of them to return to the future with him in order to do something about their kids. Marty’s son is caught in a robbery that Griff Tannen, the bully and grandson of Biff Tannen, had pushed him into. He is sentenced to 15 years in the state penitentiary. Their daughter Marlene is later sent for 20 years for attempting to break him out. These events gradually lead to the destruction of the McFly family. Doc’s plan is to have Marty pose as his own son in order prevent Marty Jr from ever being involved in the robbery. Doc also induces Jennifer to sleep after she asks too many questions about their future. She is left unconscious in the alley while Marty and Doc follow the plan. After the elder McFly says no to Griff about the robbery, the bully challenges him to a fight. When Marty escapes the fight, a hoverboard chase ensues around the courtyard, ultimately resulting in Griff and his gang crashing through the windows of the clocktower and being arrested themselves. Just before meeting back with Doc, Marty purchases a sports almanac in hopes of placing a few bets. Upon discovering this, his friend warns him about trying to financially benefit from time travel and throws away the almanac. Old Biff, having overheard Doc’s lecture, decides to steal the time machine and give the book to himself sometime in the past in order to make himself rich and powerful. Meanwhile, Doc and Marty must follow some police officers who had found Jennifer conscious in the alley and taken her to her future home. After seeing her future self and passing out again, Marty and Doc retrieve Jennifer from the house. During this time, old Biff had stolen the time machine and gone back to give the sports almanac to himself at some point in the past. Marty, Jennifer, Doc, and Einstein (Doc’s dog) return to 1985 thinking it was the same as it was when they left. But, instead, Marty finds different people living in his house and, later, discovers that Biff controls the entire town of Hill Valley and is married to Marty’s mother. He also sees that his father, George McFly, was murdered 12 years earlier by Biff. Biff is abusive to his wife and her children, all the power having gone to his head. Doc and Marty decide that the only way to restore the old 1985 is to go to November 12, 1955, the date old Biff gave young Biff the almanac.One concept of the movie that I find interesting is the new inventions found in the future. In the year 2015, the technology is far more advanced. All cars can be hover-converted to fly. The DeLorean itself has been hover-converted and can now fly. Additionally, one doesn’t need a key to enter his home. He can simply press his thumb to a plate beside the door and it will open for him with a greeting like, “Welcome home, Marty!” Next is the advanced 3-dimensional images that Marty encounters early in the film. There is an image of Jaws popping out of water and opening its mouth to swallow him up. Marty screams only to have the image disappear. Then he says, “Shark still looked fake.”Another fascinating feature of this movie is the hoverboard chase scene early in the film. It parallels the chase scene in its predecessor. In Back to the Future, the chase scene takes place with Marty trying to avoid Biff and his gang. In Back to the Future Part II, the pursuit of Marty happens in the same area only with Biff’s grandson Griff and his gang. But perhaps even more surprising is that in Part II, the familiarity between the two scenes is actually acknowledged when Biff says, “There’s something very familiar about all this.” Yet, there are some differences. The scene in the first movie ends when Biff crashes his car into a manure truck whereas in the second movie, it’s over when Griff accidentally crashes his Pit Bull board into the courthouse’s front windows and gets arrested.To wrap, if you like a good time-travelling story, this is your kind of movie!